<<Basic Information>>

Name: Wolfstar  

Username: Silverheart24126  

Nicknames: Wolf, Wolfy

Lives: 9 out of 9

Breed: A long-haired, Silver main coon-tabby mix with blue eyes

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: Leader of Blizzardclan

Family: Mother: Moonstar Father: Lionheart

Mate: None

Kits: Willowshine (adopted)

Other OC's: Whisperstar, Moonstar


Wolfstar is a kind and optimistic leader. She is always looking towards the future and even though there are dark times have always persevered through them. She is usually mild but at times of war she will fight with the strength of lion to protect her clanmates. She always stands up for what she believes in and when ever she thinks something is wrong she will speak up. She is very skilled and uses her mind as she is very smart and tactical in battle.


Climbing 9/10

Fighting 11/10

Herbs 5/10

Hunting 13/10

Kindness 10/10

Leadership 10/10

Loyalty 11/10

Pouncing 9/10

Running 10/10

Smarts 14/10

Stealth 10/10

Strength 11/10

Swimming 10/10

<<Best Friends>>

Ashblossom, Blackfern, Robin, Shadowtail, Silverstream, Cloudpaw, Willowshine, Snakeberry, Lionheart

They are all amazing cats and my best friends. I luv them all and respect them<3





Hate him :l

<<Quotes about Wolfstar>>

"Wolfstar is a crunchy the good way" Ashblossom