I sat in my cage, a cage not even large enoughfor me to stand, listening to the people landing outside. Suddenly, I hear a yelp, followed by a thud, then followed by the dogs in the ring going silent. I think to myself, Why do humans make us do this? Why do they find it fun? None of us want to kill, but its the world we were forced into. Kill or be killed.

     I sigh. The dog out there is one I never got to meet, and now will never get to. Suddenly, red and blue lights are flashing on the outside of the building. They are accompanied by a loud wailing sound. Bruno, Ginger, Cookie, and Hurricane begin to bark. We never actually had names we named ourselves. I turn to my parents, Celeste and Eclipse. "Mom, Dad? What's going on?" "We're finally getting out of here!" They said excitedly.

     I watch as people in blue suits with leashes walk into the room we are held in. They open our cages and we leap on them excitedly, licking their faces and wagging our tails. Before, they can put the leashes on we run out the doors and into the wilderness.

     We all learned a valuable lesson that day. Well some people are pure evil, others are good. But, even with that in mind we decided not to go with them, after all we could end up with bad ones again. And thus, the Hounds of Shaded Paths was born.