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This Role-play & Group, Was Created By SilverMoonsLight. This also doesn't count as Double-packing/ grouping/clanning In any form. Follow This Role-play Page To See Yourself Here.


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1/1 The Empress Is the ruler of all dragons. She is the commander & the strongest from all dragons. She rules alongside the Emperor. She is one of the creators of the dragons & no one knows where she is originated. This position is only for the She-Dragons.She balances both lands, good & bad & is also known for controlling the weather & seasons that pass across the sky.

The emperor is the planner of wars & invasions. He has a dark & spooky heart but, he has a spark in his heart for the Empress. He is rarely seen but, will only been seen sometimes during wars. This position is only for Male Dragons. He also, can control any land he wishes too. He controls season & events that happen, but without being seen by other dragons in the world.



The Chieft(ness) is the organiser. He may not be as powerful as the Emperor & Empress but, can still do commands, battles & ETC. He must be obeyed by everyone. But, the oath of the Chieften is that she/he must be kind, ready & loyal to their own tribe & defend it until their last heartbeat.

Name Description Personality Gender Mate Hatchlings Trainee
Grave A very dark scaled & purple glowing scaled dragon with huge, white teeth. He has thick galaxy purple, glowing eyes & darker splits in-between them. He may smile at some points but, he is serious & commanding. He is protective of the whole tribe & will risk his life, just like the oath says he should. Male None None None



The Quardians are the second in command. They also follow the rules of the Chieft(ness) & can also follow & prepare fights. They also must follow the oath the leader takes. They must have at least trained over 3 trainees to become this rank.

Name Description Personality Gender Mate Hatchlings Trainee
Firetalon Dark grey, dark cream belly, crimson wings & dark blue eyes. Very suspicious of strangers but, once he knows you, he can show a smile once in a while. Male FuryHeart Burningember, Winterflame, Yin-yang TBA



Messagers can be anyone in the tribe. They can also be a different rank & be able to send the messages. These messages may take long, & may last more the 40 moons just to reach an ally or friend.

Name Description Personality Gender Mate Hatchlings
Xatu A beautiful golden female dragon. She looks more like a chinese dragon. Sometimes may be grumpy, annoyed generally unimpressed with most things. Sometimes she may be boastful too. Female None Sierra (Deaceased)


Unlimited 5

Soldiers are the warriors & fighters of the tribe. They risk their whole lives defending it & they may be picked to become the Chieft(ness) or a Guardian. They protect the tribe even when the Hu-mans attack.

Name Description Personality Gender Mate Hatchlings Trainee
Crescent A blue & slightly silver dragon. She sometimes has dragon wings & at other points, blue angel wings. It only shows in her emotions. She has turquoise glowing eyes. Very protective, friendly, sweet & silent. At some points she may become mysteriously quiet & have an attitude. Female None None None
Fearstrike Grey dragon with ragged limp wings & three heads. Very Independant & quiet, only at some points. Female None None None
Dusk A pinkish mostly orange scaled dragon with gentle forest green eyes. TBA Female None None None
Xatu A beautiful golden female dragon. She looks more like a chinese dragon. Sometimes may be grumpy, annoyed generally unimpressed with most things. Sometimes she may be boastful too. Female None None None
Libra A powerful purple equinox dragon. She has telekinesis, telepathy, flight & can shape shift into anything she desires. TBA Fmale TBA TBA TBA



The healers help the injured & the sick. They shall be respected by ever dragon in the tribe. They must be loyal & faithful alongside, nice & kind. They can have mates & hatchlings like the other ranks (not including the Trainees & Hatchlings).

Name Description Personality Gender Mate Hatchlings Trainee

🍀Healer Trainees🍀


These are the small Trainees who prefer to be a healer than a Soldier. They learn each herb from the teacher & are support to follow any command the higher ranks give them.

Name Description Personality Gender Siblings Teacher



These are our future Soldiers. Their teachers train them before taking their final exam to become a Soldier. they must respect higher ranks or suffer a punishment. Sometimes they must clean out the Elders caves if needed & catch prey & food for them also. This is a hard to do task unlike many other smaller ranks.

Name Description Personality Gender Siblings Teacher



The Mothers of the tribe look after our future Soldiers & Healers. They are strong even when looking after their hatchlings. They may be removed from the rank & too its old rank but, until they become a Trainee(s). They are respected by all ranks. They may only be a Mother if they have adopted a hatchling or they have a mate & are expecting hatchlings of their own.

Name Description Personality Mate Hatchlings
Furyheart A cream with brown markings and blue eyes and ears. Is part Dragon/Siamese/Wolf. Mostly Gentle, Unless someone makes me mad or touches her hatchlings without asking. Firetalon Yin-Yangl, Burningember & Winterflame



The Hatchlings may be the unborn or just born. They must be cared for with as much love & gentleness as possible. They will stay safely kept back in the Mothers cave before growing to big & having to become a trainee for which ever rank they want.

Name Description Personality Gender Parents Siblings
Yin-yang A fluffy white part dragon/siamese/wolf & dark blue eyes. Being left in the cave/nest alone. She dark sort of motionless. Sometimes hates her siblings & their personalities. Female Firetalon & Furyheart Burningember & Winterflame
Burningember Bronze scaled & amber eyed. Adventurous & curious about the world. Is also very sweet & nice. Male Firetalon & Furyheart Winterflame & Ying-Yang
Winterflame Snowy white with amber eyes. Very gentle & caring for others. Female Firetalon & Furyheart Yin-Yang & Burningember



The Elders are the story tellers & the wisest ones of the clan. Ranks higher may have to listen to them as they are the ones who know the past & that have seen or even known about how & what happens next. They can scenes & have powers once becoming this. This rank is rarely used but, will be wisely respected.

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