These are the things I picked up living in the jungle. This will tell you everything I know about survival. So, here is my survival guide.

Prey Description
Macaws Large, Parrot-Like Birds 
Monkeys Small Primates
Okapi A Striped Horse-Like Creature
Parrots Smaller Macaws
Chimps Monkeys Without Tails
Flying Foxes  Large Fruit Bats
Betta Fish Small Colorful Fish
Threats Description
Tiger Fish Large Fish With Sharp Teeth That Could Hurt or Injure You Easily
Anacondas Large Snakes That Can Strangle The Breath From Your Lungs
Bush Masters Venomous Snakes With Deadly Poison
Poison Dart Frogs A Brightly Colored Frog That Delivers A Deadly Toxin If Eaten
Piranha A Small Fish With Teeth That Tears Apart Anything That Comes Near
Jungle Elephants Large Animals With Sharp Tusks And Large, Dangerous Feet

Plants Description
Bananas A long yellow fruit that begins as an herb that can be used to cure diseases
Orchids Brightly colored flowers that are good for healing pulps. Their petals are short and wide.
Coffee Red or greenish berries that can cure drowsiness
Brazil Nuts This is a kind of nut that grows in tall trees. They can be crushed to a healing pulp.
Poinsetta These are flowers that come in colors like red, white, and pink. They have long slim petals and are highly toxic.
Cacao These are redish pods humans use to make something called "chocolate" It is also very toxic.
Rubber Tree Rubber trees produce a milky white sap. The sap can be used to stick leaves together to make a protective layer over cobweb.
Heliconia This plant has colorful flowers shaped much like the pitcher plant. The sweet nectar can be used as a healing juice.
Sapodilla This plant has a white sap that can be chewed on to cure mouth problems. It also produces a brownish fruit that is sweet and can be used to cure diseases.
Bromeliad This spiky fruit is also known as the pineapple. The fruit can be used as a curing plant.
Rattan Vines These tough vines are good for constructing tough dens .
Amazon Water Lillies These are wide plants that float on the water. This is good to store prey or herbs on, so thy won't float away.
Vanilla Orchids These sweet tasting plants are good to flavor sour tasting medicines.
Corpse Flowers These giant flowers are very foul smelling and highly toxic
Pitcher Plants These plants have a sweet smelling nectar that it uses to attract bugs. It then traps them, because its sides are too shallow to escape. These plants only come in green, so you can tell the difference between this and heliconias.

Disease Symptoms
Black Cough This is one of the nastiest diseases you can get. The symptoms include a congested sounding, painful cough, chest pains, and cough ing up blood cloughts. This is a disease that can rarely be cured.
Red Cough This is just below black cough. The cough is less painful, but you cough up blood.  (This comes from eating parasite infected prey)
Yellow Cough This is when you throw up everything you eat.
Cough This is a slight tickle in your throat that causes you to cough.
Tooth Ache This is when your teeth are hurting, but it is not too severe.
Sore Throat This is disease that is not to severe and it is when you have pain in your throat.
Parasites This is a hard to cure disease. You will get many severe stomach aches. You  may even feel extremely light headed.

Mixtures (All Accept Bleeding, Malnourishment, And Toothache Should Be Crushed Into A Pulp To Swallow)
Coffee + Vanilla = Tiredness Cure
Bananas + Pitcher Plants + Prey = Malnourishment Cure (Good For If An Abandon Cub/Pup is Found) *Crush Up The Plants And Stuff Them Into The Prey*
Cobweb + Large Leaves + Rubber Tree Sap = Bleeding Cure *Put Cobweb on The Wound, Then Use The Sap To Put Leaves On Top For Protection*
Bananas +  Orchids + Heliconia Nectar + Bromeliad Fruit = Black Cough and Red Cough
Brazil Nuts + Orchids = Yellow Cough Cure
Heliconia Nectar = Cough Cure
Sapodilla Sap = Toothache Cure *Chew The Sap Until You Feel Better*
Heliconia Nectar + Banana = Sore Throat Cure
Heliconia Nectar + Vanilla +  Water = Parasite Cure