Thanks Cloudpaw!

Welcome to my page! Edit



My Traits + Skills Edit

Tracking 8/10

Swimming 10/10

Trustworthiness 10/10

Loyalty 10/10

Strength  5/10

Tunneling 4/10

Healing 7/10

Caring for Kits 8/10 (as long as they are not misbehaving all the time I'd gladly take kits in)

Offence 9/10

Defence 6/10

Climbing 9/10

Battling 8/10

Swiftness 9/10

Social Skills 9/10

Respect for Others 5/10 (other 5% are cats who are like Dark Forest or just plain evil)

Favorites Edit


Friends: Darkflight, Wolfstar, Silverstream, Blackfern, Mothstone

Place: The River

Activity: Swimming and Fishing!

Clan: Blizzardclan!

Things I Hate Edit

Frozen water. I can't swim if it is frozen over!

Dark Forest cats. *Cough* Echoflower *Cough*

Mean people. Why can't we all just be nice?

Our enemies. What did we do to deserve enemies?

Traitors! They deserve the Dark Forest!

Fighting! I know I'm a warrior, but I still wish we could all be friends.