Note: This is not counting as Doublcclanning/grouping & double packing. The Hounds of Shaded Paths is a Roleplay on Blizzardclan's Wiki! We play as domestic dog breeds and can be any breed we want. Below will be more information.


Hounds of the Crystal Pond We belive that once a dog dies a gemstone is added to the bottom of the falls and a beta fish is born alongside it.
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Rank in Order of Importance Number Description
Alpha 1/1 The leader of the Pack
Beta 1/1 Second in command
Nurturers 0/3 The Pack Medics
Battle Strategyzers 0/3 They help the Alpha and Beta plan battles
Elite Battle Majors 0/4 These are like warriors and are the first chosen to lead Battle Patrols
Elite Hunters 1/4 These are the best hunters and chosen to lead Hunting Patrols
Caring Hearts 0/5 These are the mothers of the Pack
Wise Ones 0/5 These are the oldest and wisest dogs of the Pack
Battle Majors 0/10 These are the fighters of the Pack
Hunters 1/10 These are the dogs who collect prey for the pack
Nurturers in Training 0/3 These are the dogs training to be Nurturers
Battle Majors in Training 0/5 These dogs are training to Battle Majors
Hunters in Training 0/5 These dogs are trained to catch prey
Pups 0/10 These are the youngest members of the pack
Omega 0/1 This is the lowest rank of the Pack and they basically serve all of the others


Location Use Picture
Training Grounds This is where we train Hunters and Battle Majors in Training
Training Grounds
Herb Garden This is where the Nurturers collect herbs
Herb Garden
Camp This is where the pack lives
Hunting Grounds This is where the hunters go to find prey
Hunting Grounds
The Crystal Falls This is the place where ceremonies are held and where are ancestors live
Crystal Stream
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