💠Welcome dear humans or dragons.💠
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With my father, I'd always fly about alongside him. He was my last chance of survival after my mother died, giving birth to me. I missed her, never knew what she looked like but, my father would always say to me that she wanted to me to be safe & stay away from the humans. I would nod to him but, lie as I did. I felt guilty & terrible each night I snuck away from the cave & flew to the humans village. M wings were terrible. I was a terrible flier. I was developing & trying my best but, each time, I would fail & flop to the hard, rocky ground. 

The one night I snuck out, was the one time I remember his dying face. I could feel my heart sink, as the humans had followed me home. I tried my best to save him. I kept hearing the wails & fire that swung from the cave, A fire filled with the oils from the humans & what they made. Spears, Arrows. I could only hear the continuous yelling, "CRESCENT! RUN!" The humans may have not understood what he spoke, due to our language barrier. But, I knew what he said & followed his wish.

 I flew off past mountains, active volcano's. Many more. Until I met her. The mother of all dragons. She only seemed like a field of flowers but, seeing her rise towards me with her forest eyes, was the only time I felt at home. I stayed beside her, soon being able to change my wings in each emotion I took in. I smiled. She smiled. I rarely saw her mate. The emperor of all dragons. I felt like my life had switch itself around. She was the mother I never had before. The mother I wanted. 

She taught me to fly. Faster. Faster. & more faster each day. We had the mother & hatchling life. Till I joined her in her dragon group. There were no members, not much dragons flying around since the attack. they were all being tracked. i was alone. I want sad but, I wanted friends. Friends who would stay by my side as I followed in their claw steps & listened to their stories, from their three heads sometimes. I would chuckle.They would. I always wished for the moments to happen.

I may have more of my life to continue on talking about but, It would be a waste. Its the first time you have seen me, maybe. But, that gives you a chance to know more, instead of reading this silly thing. I'll hope to fly around with you sometimes. Don't worry. Ill be happy to be alongside you. Ally. Friend. Dragon-mate. Any. But, my promise & your promise is that, we never leave each others sides. For as long as our hearts beat & our wings flap, as one.

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💠About Me💠
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Parents: Snide
Mate: None
Hatchlings: None
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