<<Basic Information>>

Name: Cloudpaw, duh.

Username: Xxlegendarysouls.

Nicknames: Cloudy, Clodpaw, Puffy fluffy.

Lives: 1 of 1. Breed: White Somali. (Very puffy fluffy)

Sex: Male.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Occupation: Medicine Cat Apprentice of BlizzardClan.

Family: None in the Clan.

Mother: Skyheart. (Left the clan I think)

Mate: None.

Kits: None.

Other OC's: Way more than I can count..


Cloudpaw is an over-enthusiastic, very fluffy Medicine Cat apprentice. He loves what he does but doesn't even have a Mentor. He hopes that one day he can be a fully fledged Medicine Cat.


Climbing 5/10

Fighting 3/10

Herbs 7/10

Hunting 2/10

Kindness 15/10

Leadership 5/10

Loyalty 1,000/10

Pouncing 3/10

Running 6/10

Smarts 8/10

Stealth 4/10

Strength 3/10

Swimming 0/10

<<Best Friends>>

Ashblossom, Blackfern, Wolfstar, Silverstream, and Mysticfur. They are all amazing cats and my best friends.


None yet! :D

<<Quotes about Cloudpaw>>

"Hey, Cloudpaw! Are you as soft as your name says?" -Silverpaw/Silverstream