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    September 20, 2017 by FallenCrescent
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    December 29, 2016 by KawaiiMarshmellow

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  • Cricketsong of Shadowclan

    Rule Punishment
    No Bullying (Don't Insult The Others) Demoted To Omega
    Don't Constantly Cause Drama (It Is So Annoying When It Happens All The Time) Demoted To Omega
    Don't Attack Your Packmates Banned From The Roleplay

    Rank Name Description Personality Theme Song
    Alpha Luna

    Black and White Female American Pit Bull Terrier

    Gentle and Very Caring, but Can Get Mad If You Mess With Her Alot (It Is Rare Though)

    Centuries by Fallout Boy

    Rank Name Description Personality Theme Song
    Beta Saber Male Jet Black Wolf Hybrid with Amber Eyes  Enjoys joking around. Flirts often and is very boastful.

    Phantom Falls- The Supernatural

    Rank Name Description Personality Theme Song
    Elite Hunter Xeno

    A Once Handsome Dark Grey and Brown Male Rottweiler, Pit bull, Akita, Greyho…

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  • XxMothStoneLovesXx

    Welcome, I am River, Alpha Female of The Pack Of Little Rivers, and this is where we mainly rolplay. Please, if you need anything, ask on our main page

    Alpha Female (1/1)

    Name                      Gender                            Personality                  Look                     Pups                Mate

    River                       Female                            Kind, active, only         Brown/grey         None                 None

    '                                                                        gets mad if                     timber wolf' 

                                                                          you do something to

                                                                              make her angry

    '             …

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  • XxMothStoneLovesXx

    --Welcome To The Pack Of Little Rivers Rolplay For BlizzardClan Cats And All Cats== Welcome, I am River, Alpha Female of The Pack Of Little Rivers, we wolves like to swim, play, and certianly, be active! Here a form for you to fill out if you'd like to join!

    Roleplay name:


    Reason You Want To Join:

    Clan You Are In:

    Rank You Have In Your Clan:

    (If You are A Pup) Who's Your Mother:

    What Name You Have In Your Clan:

    Rank You Want In This Roleplay:



    Note: This does NOT count as doubble clanning, as it is only a roleplay on the wiki site

    Remember: If you join, please fill out the form, and wait to be accepted. And have fun!

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  • EtherealxRose

    This wiki

    November 26, 2016 by EtherealxRose

    I luv this wiki! Its amazing! :3

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