Hello! I'm Ashblossom and welcome to my OC page! I hope you like it and if you have any questions tell me in the comments!

"If you look hard enough you can find beauty in everything"-Wolfstar


I was born in a clan called Pineclan with my best friends Wolfkit and Blackkit. We were raised together and were never apart from each other. When we were apprentices we were really excited and trained together. After moons of training we were finally going to become warriors! We had our ceremony together. We were shaking with excitement as Moonstar started. "Today Pineclan will be getting three new warriors,Wolfpaw please step forward". She smiled at both of us before she walked forward. "Wolfpaw you have shone true courage and have proven your ready to be a warrior! I know give you your name Wolfhowl!" We yowled her name and she smiled "Black...ATTACK" Moonstar screeched as rouges piled into camp snarling and yowling. "WOLFHOWL! BLACKPAW! WHERE ARE YOU!" I screeched over the cries of pain and yowls as they kill their enemy. Suddenly a rouge tom tackles me and trys to do the death blow before I duck and I feel pain flow from a hard hit from the head, I fall onto the ground unable to move as someone carries me into the woods as I black out. "Ashpaw wake up!" I open my eyes,the pain in my head gone. "Wolfhowl Blackpaw! Your ok!" "Yea it's Wolfstar now and your going to be late for your warrior ceremony!" I leaped into the clearing."You have trained in the ways of the warrior, training to not only to learn how to take down the most skilled enemy, but learning the secrets of a Blizzardclan warrior. It is time you earn your warrior names. Ashpaw, Blackpaw, please step forwards." Wolfstar paused, she looked down at the apprentices, their chest fur puffed out proudly. " Ashpaw, you have shown your courage and optimism to me and your clanmates. In your days as a apprentice, you have blossomed into a Blizzardclan warrior. By the powers of Starclan I name you Ashblossom!" "Blackpaw, you have shown your courage and authenticity to the clan, and always had the the skill to bounce back after every attack, by the power of Starclan, I name you Blackfern!" "ASHBLOSSOM,BLACKFERN,ASHBLOSSOM,BLACKFERN!" Wolfstar yowled. Her clanmates repeated.


Black ‚ÄstAtramentous/Ebony

White ‚ÄstAlabaster

Blue ‚ÄstCobalt/Cerulean

Light Blue ‚ÄstAzure/Cyan

Dark Blue ‚ÄstSapphire

Greyish Blue ‚ÄstSlate/Livid

Grey ‚ÄstAchromatic/Achromic

Reddish Brown ‚ÄstRusset

Red ‚ÄstCrimson/Cerise/Scarlet

Tan ‚ÄstTawny

Cream ‚ÄstIvory

Yellowish ‚ÄstAmber/Golden

Green ‚ÄstEmerald

Qualities Of A Female¬†‚ÄstFeminine

Qualities Of A Male¬†‚ÄstMasculine

Fur ‚ÄstPelage

Soft Fur ‚ÄstVelutinous

Fluffy ‚ÄstFloccose

Sleek ‚ÄstSatin

Strong ‚ÄstStalwart

Large ‚ÄstVoluminous/Monumental

Attractive/Beautiful ‚ÄstAlluring/Exquisite

Thin ‚ÄstSlender/Tenuous/Fragile

Over-Weight ‚ÄstStout

Scent ‚ÄstFragrance/Essence/Aroma

Sharp ‚ÄstSerrated

Teeth ‚ÄstDentures

Claws ‚ÄstUnguis

Tail ¬†‚ÄstTassle

Terrible/Awful ‚ÄstAppalling

Happy ‚ÄstEcstatic

Gentle ‚ÄstCompassionate/Sympathetic/Temperate

Scared/Fear ‚ÄstPetrified/Terrified/Horror

Sad/Depressed ‚ÄstDismal

In Pain ‚ÄstAgony

Intimidating ‚ÄstDaunting

To Release Claws ‚ÄstExtract/Unsheathe

To Bring Claws Back ‚ÄstSheathe/Withdrew (Withdraw)

To Back Away ‚ÄstRecede/Withdraw

Wrap Around ‚ÄstEntwine

Move Downward ‚ÄstDescend¬†

A Liquid Pouring Out/Down ‚ÄstCascade

Do Without Thinking ‚ÄstInstinctively

Leap ‚ÄstAscend/Escalate

Growl ‚ÄstBellow/Snarl

Walk ‚ÄstAmble/Ambulate

Narrow ‚ÄstConstrict

Widen ‚ÄstBroaden


My Clan

My Friends

My Family







Helping Someone




Drama (Sometimes)





Being unable to save someone


Rude cats


I knew my mate Shadowfang in Pineclan but we lost touch

I have never killed/harmed a cat

Roses are my favorite flower

If I had my own kit I would name her Snow (Warrior name would be Snowstream after my baby <3 )

She hates fights and tries not to fight

Has a fear of fighting

She used to be a Medicine Cat


Ashblossom is a sleek light ashy gray she-cat with blue eyes that glow in the sun,a fluffy tail that puffs up if threatened, a black nose and long thorn-sharp claws,the size of a tall warrior. She always is kind to every cat she meets unless they did something to her in the past,she is very active and is so she on a lot.  

>>Basic Info<<

Warrior Name: Ash'blossom (Deaceased)

Username: Roseheart9

Nickname: Ash

Rank: Co Deputy of Blizzardclan

Mate: Shadowfang

Breed: Silver tabby

Age: 22 Moons

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Sparrowtail(Father)

Willowflower(Mother) ,Wolfstar (Bestie),Blackfern (Bestie),Shadowfang (Mate),Robin (Senpia)

Mentor: Wolfstar

Apprentices: Duststorm,Snowpelt,Willowshine,Nightfur,Cloverpelt

Origion: Pineclan


Blizzardclan Page:


Running 4.5/10

Swimming 10/10

Climbing 6.5/10

Pouncing 10/10

Hunting 9.9/10

Fighting 9.5/10

Strength 9.5/10

Smarts 9.5/10

Loyalty 10/10

Stealth 9.5/10

Herbs 10/10

Leadership 8.5/10

>>Cat Friends<<

Wolfstar 10/10

She is my Bestie!

Blackfern 10/10

She is my Bestie!

Ravenstar 6/10

Ravenstar is a great leader I hope all her lives are peaceful

Sparrowtail 6/10

Wonderful cat! She and her clan will always be my friends

Mambafang (SALTY) 6/10


Robin 10/10


Shadowfang 10/10

He is my loving mate!


Shadowfang and I became Mates! 11/16/16